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Zeeko (Warrior cats OC) by Swagasoursos123 Zeeko (Warrior cats OC) :iconswagasoursos123:Swagasoursos123 3 6 Talagoni (Talagoni Breeze) by Swagasoursos123 Talagoni (Talagoni Breeze) :iconswagasoursos123:Swagasoursos123 3 0 Melanie Martinez Dollhouse (Updade 2) by Swagasoursos123 Melanie Martinez Dollhouse (Updade 2) :iconswagasoursos123:Swagasoursos123 4 1 Social Medias as HUMANS!!! (Girls) by Swagasoursos123 Social Medias as HUMANS!!! (Girls) :iconswagasoursos123:Swagasoursos123 2 0 My Xbox avatar.............. by Swagasoursos123 My Xbox avatar.............. :iconswagasoursos123:Swagasoursos123 2 0 Me as an Adventure Time character by Swagasoursos123 Me as an Adventure Time character :iconswagasoursos123:Swagasoursos123 2 0 BreezeSpot|| A warrior cat OC by Swagasoursos123 BreezeSpot|| A warrior cat OC :iconswagasoursos123:Swagasoursos123 2 0 Melanie Martinez by Swagasoursos123 Melanie Martinez :iconswagasoursos123:Swagasoursos123 3 2 DewStream|| A warrior cats OC i made by Swagasoursos123 DewStream|| A warrior cats OC i made :iconswagasoursos123:Swagasoursos123 1 0 Joker x Harley Quinn by Swagasoursos123 Joker x Harley Quinn :iconswagasoursos123:Swagasoursos123 2 1 Merry Christmas!!! (if you celebrate it) by Swagasoursos123 Merry Christmas!!! (if you celebrate it) :iconswagasoursos123:Swagasoursos123 1 5 So lucky!!! by Swagasoursos123 So lucky!!! :iconswagasoursos123:Swagasoursos123 1 0 what WERE u doing by Swagasoursos123 what WERE u doing :iconswagasoursos123:Swagasoursos123 1 1


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Zeeko (Warrior cats OC)
Name: Zeeko
Clan: None, just a small loner group
Mate: None
Mom & Dad: Doesn't know
Special: She believes all animals deserve to live and have a life, so she feeds on plants.
Good traits: She's kind, sweet and kinda shy
Bad traits: She gets very angry and is scared of water.
Talagoni (Talagoni Breeze)
An OC I made for a tribe me and my friend made up, The Tribe Of Elements, Made up of: Wind, Fire, Water and Earth, when a cat reaches the age of 12 moons, they earn there wings, fire tail, water bending or metal bending, depending on what element you live in, so that explains the HORRIBLE wings i drew XD i cant draw wings
Social Medias as HUMANS!!! (Girls)
This took a while to design....Stay tuned and mabye request what social media I should do next down below in the comments!! Or don't....i don't really CARE what you request, mabye i will draw your suggestions!


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Looks: Pale, Brown hair, Gray eyes

Likes:Anime, Video games, Narwhals, Holidays, memes, drawing, rock, Melanie Martinez

Hates: waking up, being forced to do things i don't want to do,most selfish people,sleeping when i'm hot

personality:Awkward, Emo, Quiet, People getting lyrics wrong on a lyric video


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